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How to Prepare for the Spring Budget Meeting

Preparing your budget:

  • Make sure you submit your budget in accordance with the timeline set out by the SGA treasurer.
  • Make sure you are a perpetually chartered organization.
  • Give as much detail as possible in the request. Keeping detailed records throughout the year will help to impress SBA and make your presentation easier.
  • What did you sponsor last year? How much did it cost? Was it successful?
  • What would you like to sponsor this year? How much do you estimate it will cost? What are your plans to obtain other sources of funding?
  • Describe activities that your organization engages in that are not funded by SBA. The better picture we get of what we do, the better context for your funding request.
  • Demonstrate that your funds were used effectively and efficiently. 
  • Make sure you submit all information regarding other financial accounts from which your organization draws funds.

Please be prepared to answer the following questions with specificity:

  • Detail the activities/events/programs that you hosted or organized. What was the turnout? How did it go?
  • How many active members do you have? How many people generally show up at events/programs?
  • Did you collaborate with other organizations to co-sponsor events? What events have you co-sponsored, and with whom did you co-sponsor it?
  • Which of your events/programming/activities are open to all students? Which events/programs/activities are open to members only?
  • Do you collect dues from your members? How much?
  • Do you pay dues to a national/regional organization? How much? Who pays?

The most important question you must be prepared to answer:

Every year, SBA receives budget requests far in excess of our budgeting. To increase one organization's budget, another must be decreased. Please explain why your organization should receive funds.