Academic Engagement and Student Success
Emory Law provides students with robust academic resources and support.

As Emory Law students adapt to the academic demands of our rigorous legal education, they have access to a wide range of advising support and study skills programs to optimize their opportunities for success.  

The Office of Academic Engagement and Student Success manages Houses Program, the Dean's Teaching Fellows, presents the "Study Smarter" series, provides guidance on the bar admission process and the bar exam, encourages a healthy school-life balance through resources and programming, and provides individual academic and other advising services. 

Assistance can also be found through the Law School Academic Success Project at »

Office of Academic Engangement

If a law student's cumulative GPA falls below 2.5 (as quantified at the end of the first year for 1Ls, and each semester for upper-level law students), the student is automatically ineligible to re-enroll unless he or she is granted academic probation by the Faculty Committee on Academic Standing. Once a student is allowed to re-enroll on academic probation, that student meets regularly with Dean Brokaw and must raise his or her GPA to 2.5 or higher in order to continue at Emory Law.

Dean's Teaching Fellows

The Dean's Teaching Fellows are high-achieving upper-year law students selected to serve as academic counselors for their fellow students.

They are the peer-to-peer academic counselors of Emory Law, with an emphasis on law school academic skills. Each Dean's Teaching Fellow holds weekly office hours during which students are encouraged to come and seek assistance on topics such as study methods, class preparations, outlining, exam writing skills, time management, efffective class note taking, etc. Teaching Fellows are also available for appointments outside office hours up to a limited amount of time; any law student may contact a Teaching Fellow for an individual appointments (generally about 20–30 minutes duration). We encourage study groups to visit Teaching Fellows together. Upper level students are welcome to consult with a Teaching Fellow (they’re not just for new law students).

Study Smarter

Assistant Dean for Academic Engagement and Success Katherine Brokaw gives a lecture series each fall called "Study Smarter." The lectures cover general law school academic skills such as taking and using class notes, outlining, and preparing for exams. 

The Fall 2019 Study Smarter Series schedule is as follows, with all sessions from 12:15 p.m. - 1:45 p.m.

8/28 - Foundations for Success: Class Notes & Time/Stress Management (Room 1D)

9/16 - Outlining: What is it? How do I do it? (Room 1D)

9/25 - Getting Ready for Exams: The Practice Exam (Room 1D)

10/14 - Getting Ready for Exams: Exam Follow-up (Room 1D)

10/21 - Introduction to Course Selection (Room 1D)

10/28 - Getting Ready for Exams: Effective Tips on Planning/ Preparing for Exams (Room 1D)

The Study Smarter lecture series is aimed primarily at helping new students with law school study skills, but the sessions are open to all students. For resources used in previous sessions, contact the Office for Academic Engagement »


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At Emory Law, we are committed to helping students through out the bar admissions process: from choosing courses that will prepare them, to understanding the application process, passing the required exams, and position students for the best chance of success. It is managed by Emory Law’s Office of Academic Engagement and Student Success, with content provided by our team.

Online Bar Prep Resources

Emory Law Bar Readiness Resource Page

Emory Law Bar Readiness Blog

Emory Law 3L Timeline for Summer Bar Exam (PDF)

Emory’s MacMillan Law Library Study Aids and Past Exams

Consortium for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction (CALI)

Georgia Office of Bar Admissions Bar Exam Information

Law School Academic Success Project

Multistate Bar Exam Subject Matter Outline

Emory Law is a dynamic community where students feel engaged and involved in the classroom and beyond. Our Houses program provides students with social opportunities to get to know faculty, staff, and other students.

For 1Ls, the Houses help them bond and meet 2Ls and 3Ls, who have “been through it already” and who can provide perspective and realistic advice. For 2Ls and 3Ls, the Houses are another channel for forming relationships that energize their interests, goals, and future paths. And the Houses inject fun into law school life!

LLM and JM students have similar opportunities through their respective Societies. We encourage students to take part in all law school activities.

Color: Blue

House Coordinator: Savita Sivakumar (3L), J. Michael Babineau (2L)

Dean’s Teaching Fellow: Linden Wait

Associated Faculty: Professor Karen Cooper (ILARC)

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Color: Red

House Coordinator: Jordan Nittinger (3L), Briana Merritt (2L)

Dean’s Teaching Fellow: Jeff Merritt

Associated Faculty: Professor Julie Schwartz (ILARC)

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Color: Brown

House Coordinator: Josh Lee (3L), Ivelisse Saint-Clair (2L)

Dean’s Teaching Fellow: Paul Kim

Associated Faculty: Professor Paul Koster (ILARC)

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Color: Orange

House Coordinator: Jenn Hyman (3L), Alizé Mitchell (2L)

Dean’s Teaching Fellow: Austin Paalz

Associated Faculty: Professor Kamina Pinder (ILARC)

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Color: Yellow

House Coordinator: Lauren Timlin (3L), Kate Waterman (2L)

Dean’s Teaching Fellow: Ronald Wang

Associated Faculty: Professor Robert Parrish (ILARC)

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Color: Indigo

House Coordinator: Claire Lang (3L), Reina Terry (2L)

Dean’s Teaching Fellow: Pranav Lokin

Associated Faculty: Professor Aaron Kirk (ILARC)

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Color: Green

House Coordinator: Richard Awopetu (3L), Jay Khuti (2L)

Dean’s Teaching Fellow: Samin Mossari

Associated Faculty: Professor Jennifer Romig (ILARC)

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Color: Violet

House Coordinator: Rian Davis (3L), Melissa Knott (2L)

Dean’s Teaching Fellow: Anna Leigh Keith

Associated Faculty: Professor Lesley Carroll (ILARC) 

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Emory Law has identified the primary practice areas commonly recognized by bar associations and other professional organizations. You can explore areas of interest by choosing your courses starting with the first-year spring elective. Faculty and practitioners have listed foundational and enrichment courses for each practice area. Relevant clinics and field placement opportunities in these practice areas are also listed here.

You can use these curriculum guides to chart your path in one or more practice areas. Additional information about bar-tested subjects and their courses are provided under the Bar Readiness tab. For further course selection, information about prerequisites, courses, and their recommended sequence for our Certificate in Transactional Law are linked below.

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Certificate in Transactional Law »