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For complete information on grading policies and procedures, please refer to the Grading section of the Student Handbook.

Posting of Grades

Posting of grades outside of the University registration system (OPUS) by the faculty is specifically prohibited. Students can check grades online as they are posted. Grades are not disclosed by email or telephone. Grades are entered into OPUS by the faculty in accordance with a timetable established each semester by the University Registrar. 

Fall 2022 Grade Deadline - Professors are to have all grades submitted and posted in OPUS by December 21, 2022.

Changing Grading Basis

For information on how to make a class Pass/Fail, click here. Please be sure to view the Pass/Fail policy in your Student Handbook prior to making a change.  


Due to the timing of the grade deadline, law school diplomas are not generated until after all grades are submitted by the professors, final GPAs are calculated, and the degree certified by the law school and the university.

  • The university registrar is notified after final GPA calculation of the students receiving High Honors and Honors, and will apply the designation on the diploma before sending files to the printers.
  • All law diplomas are mailed in mid-to-late June; in-person pickup is not available as diplomas are mailed directly from the printers. The law school registrar's office does not print or distribute diplomas.
  • Students should make sure that their diploma address in OPUS is the address they wish to receive the diploma.

Class Rank

Emory Law Class Rank (NetId required)

JD Students: Class rank is computed for all J.D. students on the basis of work done at Emory Law alone. Transfer students and A.J.D. students are inserted in the class ranks for the second-year class after one semester of work at Emory. Final cumulative class rank is calculated at the conclusion of a student’s J.D. course of study, regardless of the residency of that final semester.

J.D. Joint (Dual) Degree Students: Dual-degree students are assigned a class rank during their first year of study at the law school and are recalculated into class rank in any semester in which they are in residency at the law school with a minimum of 6 law credits. Students are not calculated into class rank during semesters in which they are in residency at another school or program, regardless of how many law school courses they take during that time. Final cumulative class rank is calculated at the conclusion of a student’s J.D. course of study, regardless of the residency of that final semester.

Graduate and Other Program Students: LL.M., J.M., M.C.L., and S.J.D. students do not receive a class rank.

Class Rank Percentiles: Each semester, J.D. class ranks are compiled by the Registrar of the Law School. Exact numerical ranks are only made available for students in the top 10% of each class. The Registrar of the Law School will report only the class ranks of students in the top 33%. Individual class ranks are not posted. Students, therefore, receive their individual class ranks through the Office of the Registrar of the Law School. The percentile ranges are posted on the Class Rank page.

Reporting Class Rank or Grades: When reporting class ranks or grades on resumes, all students must strictly comply with the policies of the Center for Professional Development and Career Strategy. Any students who violate Emory Law or University policies with regard to reporting of grades or class rank will be subject to sanction under the Professional Conduct Code.