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Corporate and Transactional Law

Emory Law faculty members offer expertise in corporate law, transactional law, and related fields such as tax and intellectual property law. Our students begin their education in business law in the first semester of their first year with a required Contracts course and continue with an array of courses that introduce them to accounting law, real estate law, bankruptcy law, and other potential career specialties.

Corporate and Transactional Law Faculty & Staff

Emory Law faculty participate in and create a wide range of scholarship. They educate and publish in respected journals and media while they lead academic centers and interdisciplinary programs that provide students with access to: leading legal scholars in policy and research, in-depth seminars, and conferences/symposia by renowned experts.

Adjunct Faculty Teaching Corporate and Transactional Law  

Emory Laws boasts numerous adjunct faculty who work in various aspects of business law. They provide our students with practical knowledge about topics ranging from real estate law to estate planning to mergers and acquisitions. 

Philip ArmstrongLeslie KlempereDavid Minkin
William H. AveryKatherine KoopsRandy L. New
James F. Brown Jr.Courtney LytleJustin Norman
Randy CadenheadHarvey LinderJohn Parkerson
Peter DeanGary MarshDeWitt R. Rogers
George M. FoxMissi McMorriesMichelle Willis
Amy HillmanKaren V. Mills

George Georgiev

George Georgiev is an Associate Professor of Law at Emory University School of Law. His research examines various topics at the intersection of corporate governance and securities law, including questions about the design and performance of the SEC regulatory regime for public companies and the introduction of sustainability-related factors in corporate governance. Both his research and his teaching are informed by his graduate training in economics and his extensive practice experience.

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George Georgiev
2024 Corporate Law

Courses in Business Law

Advanced Commercial Real EstateDoing Deals: Complex RestructuringInternational Tax
Advanced International NegotiationsDoing Deals: Contract DraftingInternational Tax and Business
BankruptcyDoing Deals: Deal SkillsInternational Tax Topics (Seminar)
Banking LawDoing Deals: Intellectual Property TransactionsLabor Law
Business Associations Doing Deals: Private EquityLaw & Economics of Antitrust
Commercial Real EstateDoing Deals:Commercial Lending TransactionsMergers and Acquisitions
Commercial Law: SalesEconomic Analysis of LawNegotiation
Copyright LawEmployment DiscriminationReal Estate Finance
Corporate Accounting / Social Justice SeminarEmployment LawSecured Transactions
Corporate Compliance: OversightFranchise LawSecurities Regulation
Corporate Counsel ExternshipIntellectual PropertyTrademark Law
Corporate Governance SeminarInternational Tax

Journals and Student Organizations

Emory Bankruptcy Developments Journal

Published since 1984 and the only student-run bankruptcy journal in the United States, the Emory Bankruptcy Developments Journal publishes semi-annually and hosts a symposium in the spring. This widely-read print and online journal provides a forum for research, debate, and information for practitioners, scholars and the public.

Emory Corporate Governance and Accountability Review

The Emory Corporate Governance and Accountability Review explores the relationship between the corporation and its stakeholders in the United States and abroad. This online-only publication addresses issues of who the relevant stakeholders are and how far corporate responsibility to them should extend.

Bankruptcy Society

The purpose of this organization is to generate genuine student-interest in the field of bankruptcy and establish a network between Emory law students and bankruptcy practitioners.

Emory Banking and Financial Institutions Law Society

The Emory Banking and Financial Institutions Law Society engages students interested in finance, financial legal services, investment science, and banking. They aim to teach students about legal opportunities within the banking and finance industry by connecting them with local industry professionals through panel events, site visits, and other networking opportunities.

Corporate and Business Law Society (ECBLS)

As the largest practice group society at Emory Law, we are dedicated to helping you find out more about practice of corporate law, as well as transactional law in general.

Center Spotlight

Center for Transactional Law and Practice

The Center for Transactional Law and Practice provides a roadmap for every student interested in studying transactional law—from those who want to learn only the basics to those who want to go further and earn the Transactional Law and Skills Certificate.

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Business Law Librarians

Emory Law boasts highly knowledgeable and skilled law library staff. Abby Deese, Librarian for Digital Initiatives & Research Services, and Amy Flick, Foreign and International Law Librarian, are two of the library professionals with expertise in business law research. Deese holds a JD from Charleston School of Law, a Master of Library and Information Science from University of Arizona, and a bachelor’s degree from the College of Charleston. She has taught Mastery of Regulatory Law Research (Spring 2019) and Business & Tax Legal Research (Spring 2019). Flick is Foreign and International Law Librarian and holds a JD from Duke University, a Master of Library and Information Science from the University of South Carolina, and a bachelor’s degree from Mercer University. She has taught Mastery of Statutory Legal Research (Fall 2018), International Legal Research (Fall 2016; Spring 2019), Foreign & Comparative Legal Research (Spring 2018), Foreign & International Legal Research (Spring 2013; Fall 2013; Fall 2014; Fall 2015), Bankruptcy Law Research (Spring 2016), Advanced Legal Research (2002-2012).

Corporate and Transactional Law Faculty in the Media